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heart drops [l lawliet]
| l lawliet x twin!reader |
While your brother becomes the world's finest detective, you are elsewhere travelling the world to give some meaning to your life: the purpose of which you haven't found yet. L has always been better than you in every way, a fact that no longer embitters you since maybe because now you find his back so lonely. You suppose that this is how it is for genii like your twin. 
It's clear now, several years later, that this is what he was always meant to become whether you understood or not. Twins are never the same and you are not him:. You can't live as a grey champion of justice or dismantle an entire person down to a few words on a page, it's no what you were meant for and you're content with this now: found peace in the blended oils that bring white canvases to life. 
His career rarely allows him the time to meet up with you and with you travelling the world most of the year in search of inspiration wherever it may be, your paths rarely cross.
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 31 0
jasmine smoke [kaname kuran]
| kaname kuran x reader |
Sometimes, he remembers the young Aristocrat he had so cared for when he was younger. 
It's been almost ten years so any memories he has of you come in fragments not as a complete portrait: vague details like how you always took your coffee black or drummed your fingers when you felt restless. He had few friends then and few now, but he remembers you warmly as the only one he could ever trust so implicitly with every thought or emotion. 
Kaname thinks of you next to him, in the autumn, standing under the changing maple trees in grey looking at him with what must have been love if he had never known it until now. Until then, he hadn't truly believed your words when you promised you would never treat him any differently than the Kaname you had known.
How he had wanted to protect you forever. 
Your fingers interlaced with Kaname's own feeling so intimate without him understanding why and he doubts that he can ever find someone like you
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 24 1
walk away. [dick grayson]
dick grayson x ex!reader
Her face is stained with tears and he has no idea what to do, to hold her in his arms tightly. He wants to kiss her, but he can't. She doesn't even give him a chance to say anything else; the door slams in his face, he barely has time to step back. It's not what he had in mind and Dick Grayson is not sure of what to do now. He doesn't know how she runs, never understood the innermost cogworks and how they fit all together. He could never figure her out. 
He sits at her doorstep, unsure of what to do. His tears dried up before he even knew her, and she made him feel everything when they were young and stupid; teens who made reckless decisions because they were so convinced they were in love. They had been. They had been so in love it hurt. 
Dick Grayson knows he would have died for her then.
Seven years ago, he might have-. No, if he was braver, he might have knocked on her door, instead of sitting at her doorstep frozen. He thought that he had forgott
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 35 8
one vs all: 3 [vampire knight]
vampire knight x child!vamp!reader
Round 3:
Class is relatively boring, only interrupted by the fact that the young vampire is squashed in between Zero and Yuki, it is an obvious discrepancy to their usual situation. Perhaps it's because she's still young, but [Y/N] is having difficulty staying awake, although she somehow manages to overcome her nocturnal tendencies and stay focused on the lecture. Yuki read briefly about [Y/N] Ori's background, she is hardly older than her physical age, is one of the youngest purebloods, not counting the hundreds of years that she was hibernating along with much of the Ori legacy.
She doesn't seem intimidating at all, not when she looks like any adolescent, there are few defining traits to the Pureblood besides her unmarred skin, but that could also be attributed to how young she is. [Y/N] looks relatively normal, she is a pretty child, but there is nothing that clearly designates that she is a vampire, he
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 53 21
dreamer [leo valdez]
leo valdez x reader
[Name] scrutinizes the page, has been for almost ten minutes now.
She isn't grateful for it at the moment, although she's fairly sure she will be later. Fucking bitch. Annabeth Chase is ruining her stupid life but the blonde is also her best friend, which she hates because blondie worries way too fricking much.  Lately, these pounding headaches have became more frequent and her head is pounding; she can't even concentrate. That doesn't mean she's dying, it's not unusual for her to have visions, it is usually a second of splitting pain and flickering images melded together, but they're more vivid than [Name] remembers them being. More coherent than she's used to and her efforts to clear away the Mist to see what is beyond are blocked by some force.
Of course, she confides to Annabeth. Blondie is her not directly blood-related sister. [Name] does find herself regretting it though. Sometimes, although she does find the Hecate Cabin homey, she would suffocat
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 50 11
pygamalion. [alois trancy]
alois trancy x reader
As usual, it is a boring party with the exception of the presence of the Queen's Watchdog who stands on the outskirts of the crowd. Alois Trancy observes the people at length with relative disinterest as he idly hums to himself.
He smiles when he remembers the young girl wearing an exquisite sable-coloured dress sitting by his side quietly, she has her eyes averted and solely focused on her feet, exposing her rosy pink neck. Her long hair is pinned up with spidery lace and dark ornaments, Alois is pleased with his choice; it accentuates her profile as he had envisioned it would have.
The blonde cheerfully reaches over to grab her hand, he sees her cheeks faintly colour pink when he does. Her reactions are adorable and he can't help but smile. Most people notice her instantly, although she is unobtrusive and he himself can't help but gravitate towards her when she speaks because her voice is soft like a lullaby.
He hardly cared for her at first, she was simple proo
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 49 3
Questioning [Fem!Naruto Uzumaki x Male!Reader][AU]
[Y/N] needed to assess his situation logically.
They aren't friends, not really at least. He has known Naruko Uzumaki since they were kids, but they're aren't close. At least anymore. The most they currently qualify as are acquaintances. He's uncertain whether she's upset with him or simply doesn't care, the problem has been plaguing his mind the whole day. The younger blonde is always cheerful and bubbly with almost everyone she meets, including him, but as of late, he's been avoiding her unconsciously. 
Not outrightly, because if she spots him sometimes as they cross paths while walking through town then Naruko will glomp him with all her might and greet him; [Y/N] can't possibly ignore that. He'll smile back exasperatedly, but that thought will still be eating away at his mind. That's the reason why, if she's with her friends from school, he'll simply walk away, she looks preoccupied anyways, [Y/N] convinces himself. Naruko looks perfectly content as she chatters happily with h
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 89 5
Unprecedented V (Haruka Nanase x Reader)
The perfumed fragrance of the jasmine tea envelops his senses as he lifts the grey mug to his mouth, Haruka inhales the scent deeply and his eyes alight on the dolphin that is cutely doodled in marker on the side. The corners of his lips lift up (a half-smile), except then he remembers, and instantly his expression shifts back. [Y/N] is seemingly too distracted by the sun dipping under the urban horizon, to notice.
Childlike wonder takes hold of her features, her lips slightly ajar as she gazes thoughtfully out of the window, [Y/N] never really changes. She's so easily fascinated as always, she starts once she notices that he's looking at her, [Y/N] grins ruefully.
While the brunette and red-head had excused themselves an hour earlier, Haruka Nanase had chosen to stay to [Y/N]'s visible bewilderment, but it seemed that she was pleased. He had missed her. A lot. He's known her since they were young, they're childhood friends, [Y/N] is quirky, he knows that, but he rarely makes himself t
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 26 10
Maybe Platonic Friends [Male!Annabeth x Reader][2]
Sometimes, Andrew Chase forgets that [Y/N] is blind, because she so masterful at handling herself, so ordinary, that he cannot remember. 
He remembers every once in a while, because it hardly affects their relationship, like when he wakes up in the middle of the night, sleepily realizes that she is in his arms, he will simply listen patiently as [Y/N] tells him about her nightmares, but she cannot describe what she sees. He does not know how to exactly label their relationship right now, Andrew rakes a hand through his blonde curls with a groan. He has no idea what to say, her body lies only a little away from him, both of them are huddled close to the fire, and he can see her side rising and falling as she sleeps. Tentatively, he rechecks to see if the Apollo camper is asleep, before touching his fingers to his lips gently.
His face is burning just remembering how her lips felt against his, she was standing lost at the crossroads of the labyrinth, her expression frozen
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 64 4
Past Present Future [11th Doctor x Reader][1]
Part 01
I am an eleven year old and not so alone, but I might as well be, surrounded (and bored) with the company of nobles and aristocrats and such. Their talk is boring, as well as tedious, because there are all these niceties but you must take care to remember. I can only wear thin smiles for so long, but it's a minor comfort that (at least) they aren't so arrogant, only well meaning, but I don't enjoy politics.
I wish I could have a few lone moments of peace, away from smothering attention, I'm quite fond of those spare moments that I am allowed out on the moor with the crisp air.
Being indoors isn't so bad, as long as my parents give me the permission to excuse myself every once in a while, the constant talk is as strenuous upon my siblings as it to me, over the cup of tea, which I wince at, I scalded my tongue, my older sister pauses to briefly give me a sympathetic look, as well as my older brother sitting besides me.
That being said, I barely save the cup of tea, almost
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 16 1
luck [mizuki][2/3]
mizuki x reader
She breathes shallowly, the uphill hike is no joke, so many flights of stairs to run up, the geta are difficult to walk in let alone run. Her dark red skirts swish together as she takes each step, it seems endless, but the shrine maiden can finally see the incline plateau to the her relief. [Name] is not sure how much she could have taken, her pulse is pounding in her head, and she has overexerted herself physically. 
[Is this the address?], she glances from the piece of paper to the looming stone gate, she recognizes the place now. The last time she was here had been almost a month ago for a minor festival, one of the gods had designated her to observe the new Mikage land god who is only a teenage girl about [Name]'s age, possibly a year younger. 
In a way, [Name] sympathizes for the younger girl, she sees a little bit of herself in Nanami Momozono. Although she had her own advantages, unlike Nanami, [Name] was brought up since she was a young g
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 40 7
Replay XI [YouTube x Reader]
Things begin slowly after that, you've barely known the snowy-haired guy for maybe two weeks, but you guys click instantly.
Spending a little time with him, maybe because half of the others are crazy and you are most definitely not pointing fingers. (But if you are, it's with a university sociology textbook and towards the two conniving blue tops that sit in the back: Tumblr and Twitter. Your brother is not exempt from your judgement.) Still, it's unprofessional no matter how much you try to convince yourself it isn't, but you're inordinately fond of them, regardless of how much they irritate you at times. 
The twinses are easily the nicer ones despite your initial wariness, even if the Fanfiction ones do mildly scare you sometimes with their shipping, they are ultimately the clever, clever ones and you find them amazingly introspective, as are the Facebook twins. But you've been too busy, besides the meetings about important things like conferences and dealing with their lives (C
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 22 9
Extension [Google Chrome x Reader]
It is difficult to bring himself to hate her even though their opinions grate so often, mostly because the cyclist always does bring a fresh perspective to any ideas he might have and while she is rather opinionated, he does respect her and does care about her. Chrome has known her since a few years ago, when they both had been amateurs who had met at an enduro, but even then her potential had shown, even though she was only an amateur and most of the competition had severely underestimated her.
The female cyclist although lithely muscular now, was too wiry back then, looking that if she tripped, her bones might simply fracture and break, but she was steely and he had been unable to stop that slow friendship that had developed when they had got together to run practice rounds.
Chrome still can be annoyed by her though, because they are friends, closer than anything, although he would prefer to keep her distant from his family, separately they are trouble enough, intermixing them would
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 56 3
XII. Fear [Human!Bunnymund x Reader] [2/3]
Her fingers quiver as she holds the bleeding scrap of paper in her hand, [Y/N] can barely make out the names of the medications, they are too difficult to pronounce, and there is something almost tragic about how the crimson ink stains her hands like blood as she dries her eyes.
It seems too unfair and she is drowning in her self pity --her mind clouded with grey as dark as the stormy skies-- to realize that the rain is steadily growing in strength and the sky's tears are pelting her body relentlessly as she presses on through the streets and her golden umbrella is far too tattered to hold up against the strong winds. Somehow, the shreds of a piece of paper is strong enough.  
Eyes turned up towards grey skies, she lets hold of the wooden handle and the golden umbrella slips from the tight grasp of her fingers and it flies away like a kite. [Y/N] knows that there is little point to holding onto precious things like that, the umbrella was the one discrepancy to her sorry appearance
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 26 9
Nostalgia: II [Loki L. x Sister!Reader x Thor O.]
Their Memories of [Y/N]
~ ・*・~
The stainless alabaster robe fits loosely on her; the golden straps hangs off her shoulders and the armour jangles together with even the slightest movements. It's impossible to say who looks more out of place in their armour, Loki or Vár; although the latter would take more offense at that.
She looks frail in the garb. Her long hair that is usually draped over her shoulder, falling to the small of her back, is pulled up into a thick bun at her crown. Silver pins shaped like starry iris are scattered in her hair, pinning back the stubborn strands that threaten to fall in front of her eyes.  
The girl, because his sister is only a child, whose eyes are always fleetingly focused on her surroundings, always filled with the haze of wonder, seems too delicate, if it wasn't for Loki quietly remarking on the look in those eyes when she beheld the sword gripped in her hand.
His younger brother has always been far more perceptive tha
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 49 14
Winter's Frost XVII [Male!Elsa x Reader]
Thoughtlessly, your hand is already reaching for his bare palm, you are not really considering any other factors than the real fact that your friend is standing before you (it's not something so difficult to determine, even if he stops caring about you, doesn't mean you will stop caring) and you can catch the cracks in his regal voice.
Out of concern you reach to touch Elsai, his eyes widen in shock and he tries to dodge your grasp. Narrowing your eyes, you barely manage to snatch his hand (you refuse to let him slip through your fingers because as much as you care about him, he's running away from everything.) and clasp it tightly within yours.
"[Y/N]... Please let go of my hand."
What you were worried most about was that he would be furious with you, you have never seen him angry before at you (not truly), and all you hear in his voice is the lingering sentiments of regret.
It does not beseem Elsai to be so unhappy and you wish you could do something to make the corners of his pale,
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 85 16


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So umm. Hello? After almost a year lol. I realized I never finished my stories and dragged myself back up from hell to tell you all that I will NOT ABANDON my precious stories. I felt really guilty basically lol. (and my friend kicked my ass back on here) 

So updates might be really slow, but I'll try my best to try to finish up stories although I probably won't start any new ones. I've moved on to the Kpop fandom which is honestly, hell. What is my life even anymore? Ah, so sorry for the wait. I'll try to update soon. Thank you for reading my stories while I was gone, I'm happy people still like them, I cry at it now (since I got better at writing...), so thank you again for your support! 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm just another deviant who occasionally draws, but mostly writes reader inserts because I can and I like to. The way I speak can kind of be rude, obnoxious, and annoying, though I really don't try to be. I'm kind of obsessed with grammar, so please privately note me when I make mistakes so I can fix them.

I may sound rude, but I'm fairly terrible with words, so it happens. If you want to talk to me, I don't bite. Unless threatened. But seriously, I get bored, so someone talk to me. Well, I hope I get to know all of my fellow Deviants better.

Have a wonderful day~!



I am the youngest of three Asian girls, love my half-sisters and what does it matter anyways, they're my sisters and I love them. Occasionally hate them, but that's mostly when they beat me up for pulling pranks or whatever, but that's mostly my fault lol. I'm proudly Asian, Vietnamese to be specific, I love my culture and I get pretty ticked off easily when people misinterpret Asian culture. It's not that hard, guys. From this I'm pretty sure you can guess that I'm a very prideful person, though I'm more than willing to insult myself, so others won't. Yeah, I don't make sense.

In real life, I guess I'm pretty shy at first, I seem like an antisocial hater, because I'm really really shy. But once you get me to relax, I'm pretty spontaneous, I'll randomly hug you, wave, and greet people childishly. I'm pretty sarcastic, and roll my eyes a lot, and a complete and utter geek when it comes to games.

I don't get obsessed, but I must get a decent score or finish the story line or whatever. I get really into things. I like drawing, and most of my art is alright, but I just started learning with my friend, who's a fabulous artist. Though I love drawing too. It's very important to me.

I have many artist's/ writer's problems. You know what I mean? Plot bunnies, laziness. I'm pretty inattentive in class, though if I paid attention, I would probably get really good grades. Sometimes, because of my inattentiveness, I miss out on assignments, forget about quizzes. Stupid things.

Well I'm a traveler above all things, I love it. I want to go to as many places as I can in my lifetime. So maybe one day, I'd like to be an architect or researcher, so I could travel abroad. That'd be a dream come true. Or a writer, because I do love writing, though I need to improve a lot.

So that's just a little about me, and if you have any questions, you'd like to ask about me, feel free to do so. I have a Wattpad too now lol.


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